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Selling More To Current Clients

As we all know, there are two strategies for selling more: have an open market and grow our customers.

The first and most challenging option is to go back to the beginning of the market. This includes prospecting, cold calling, presenting our company, gaining the confidence of the prospect, presenting our work plan, economically agreeing with the project and closing the sale at best.

There is also the second path, which is much kinder and more expeditious. It involves strengthening and growing our clients while building on the existing trust relationship and deep knowledge of their needs.

There are previous steps to reviewing the strategies on selling more to our customers:

  • Make a checklist of your services and products: Make a list of all the needs that your company’s products or services satisfies. This will help you review what it is that you are currently selling to your customers and what you could offer them.
  • Listen to your customers: Define an active listening process to understand their goals, the new challenges they face, their reality and the plans they have for the short, medium and long run. Listening to your customers can give you ideas on how to help them grow and what other services or products you can offer. It will also give you insight into your industry and the market you serve. There are multiple ways to listen to your customers but the strongest recommendation is to define concrete listening processes; frequently with meetings of breakthrough presentations and deliveries. Successful sales strategies come from deep understanding of the needs of the client.
  • Make the customer your ally: Once you understood where you are, where your client is going, and what you want to achieve from your work with them, you can present a sort of diagnosis and strategic recommendation with your knowledge of the market. If you have more customers in your industry, you can give a more complete perspective on the challenges they face.
  • Recommend them and ask them to recommend you: According to the theory of six degrees of separation, there are only six people that separate you from any other person on the planet. Keep this in mind to understand the goal of your clients and your own goal. Define a path together that will lead you to achieve your goals.
  • Design projects tailored to your needs: Understanding what needs your customers have can satisfy with respect to your field of action and propose a work plan that adapts to the situation of both companies.

They seem like simple tactics and yet, in our day-to-day, we can get side-tracked when working with technology. Always think that we can generate more business by positively impacting on any of our interest groups and that these strategies to sell more can be very simple.

At the end, no one has to lose for you to win.

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