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I want to measure the results of my loyalty strategies. Who can help me?

If you have been implementing loyalty strategies for sometime and have not closed any new projects or sales, it is time to check if they are working.

First, check to see if you followed all the communication steps necessary to achieve success. Secondly, ask yourself if you are using the right tools:

  • Use a mailing platform that allows you to monitor the openings of your emails and gather information about the messages that are most interesting to your customers. We strongly recommend HubSpot or Mailchimp.
  • Periodically review your social networks: The likes and shares in your social media publications can surely help you understand the information that most interests your customers or users and what type of content they like best to improve your results. In facebook you can use the statistics tool. On twitter you can use analytics. In LinkedIn you can use your own tools. Remember to use the best KPI to see the conversions.
  • Dedicate a person in your marketing team to formally follow-up with your customers. As we have seen previously, they are your main source of information, so it’s worth devoting the time of someone in the company to be in direct contact with them to make you know more about the market and its challenges.

If you don’t have the time or tools to do the above frequently, you will probably ask yourself, “Who can help me?” Nowadays, there are many communication agencies that specialize in this type of inbound market strategy. Hmm Hmm, We Do!!

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