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5 Tips to strengthen my leadership with students

Undoubtedly when we remember our days in school many things can come to mind; the facilities, the good and bad classmates, the subjects that made us suffer and the moments in which we excel. In a remarkable way, what we can most recap of those days are the teachers.

The first to come to our minds are those who cooperated to form us as whole individuals, it is from this small exercise of memory that we delve into the qualities we need to be the best leaders when we face a group of students.

The main thing is to know what types of leaders exist, because even if we have the desire to be an “authoritarian” leader we need to possess the characteristics or else it will be an impossible mission. Better take advantage of what we are already experts in to achieve the training, then we will give you 5 tips that will make you the “ideal” teacher.

  1. Analyze them: Not only is it important to master the knowledge of your subject, you must know the people you are going to teach: their qualities, incompetence, and their needs. In this way we can know what we have to work with and what tools or mechanisms we must use to help them realize their full potential.
  2. Keep it simple: Developing the ability to deconstruct ideas and concepts will be your best weapon to help your students understand complex issues. The most important thing at this point is to make them participate actively in the task of rebuilding the concept, coined in a particular way.
  3. First listen then succeed: Listening to your students is a skill that you have to put into practice on a daily basis. This can encourage the confidence in themselves to transmit their ideas, doubts or concerns. Under this premise you can create an atmosphere of dialogue in the classroom.
  4. No day is the same: One of the worst mistakes we can make as teachers is to idealize the classroom as a small factor, in which everyone learns at the same pace and with the same methods. Now that you know their needs, you must develop different dynamics or use tools to develop the class, doing different things will be the key to capture their attention.
  5. There is no absolute power: The positive relationship between the teacher and the student will result in an effective education, a symbiotic bond that will yield results based on the respect and cooperation of both parties.

With these simple steps, you can begin to generate a change in your way to be in front of your students. Feel free to be their role model.

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