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3 Keys for Industrial Buyers to Choose your Proposal

Companies that belong to an industrial turn-around have a buying process that can become somewhat complex. The entry into the process of selection is not a simple thing, but once the relationship has started there are some key points that are important to ensure that your proposal is the most effective and therefore the selected one.

So that you can have better guarantee in the selection of suppliers, we interviewed an industrial buyer who indicated to us 3 keys to be the best option:

  • Be quick to quote: It seems like this is common-sense advice, but according to your contact, it takes time and the process has slowed down because the suppliers don’t have a procedure of attention to prospects where it can guarantee the quotation in a good time. It should be understood that typically when the person in charge of the company asks for the purchase of a material or service, often the application is late. This is very common to see because, in general, our culture is not planning oriented. Our recommendation is that you install into your computer a process of generating quotes that is on time, depending on your product or service. Investing in a quotient is always a great option because this way you can prepare your proposals quickly and give the buyer the impression that your processes are efficient. If you need an appointment to help you schematize your quote, ask for it here.
  • Giving credit: We all know that the industry has a cliche about payments, being a company of a certain size, its processes are slower and the cash flow must have several approvals before leaving the company account. Before you begin to sell regularly to the industry, select through financial projection which are the types of credit you can get so it will be easier to know which companies you can serve. There are those that have credit conditions that stifle the supplier for up to 180 days. Our suggestion is that if you are not safe of refraining from liquidity, you better not do business with that company. We have seen several horror stories where the company gets into loans by selling to get the production and ends up breaking. If the company can tolerate between 30-60 days of credit in your first appointment with the buyer, ask this information. If the company tells you there is no way to get paid this way, look for another customer, grow your business and when you can afford to return for another opportunity, do so. If you need an advisory to do your financial projection, ask for it here.
  • After-sale follow-up: It is very regular to see the companies that serve the industry don’t have marketing or a customer service department, and that’s why they always have to be looking for new customers to sell them. Without after sales follow-ups you can’t guarantee the repurchase of current customers. There are many CRM-like tracking systems that are free: HubSpot, Karma, Zoho, Molecule. Use them! After doing a job in the industry, contact the buyer to see how the solution was and if they are satisfied. Also check to see if there is any future need. If you need advice on how to use a CRM, ask for it here.

We hope these recommendations will help you get chosen by buyers.

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